The Osteria del Lupo Nero is a typical Venetian restaurant with cicchetteria located in the center of Mestre, specializing in Venetian cuisine and with a pleasant summer terrace.
At the restaurant counter we offer a wide assortment of Venetian cicchetti to accompany with a spritz or a  glass of wine  to choose from dozens of wineries.
Among the specialties of our tavern there are fried cicchetti at the moment (mozzarella in carrozza, meatballs, sardines, cod) but also oysters from Brittany.
In the menu of the Restaurant Osteria Lupo Nero we offer, in addition to the classic cicheti, all the traditional Venetian dishes and we prepare fresh pasta, gnocchi and desserts at home.
Our dishes are born by selecting every day the best of the raw material, choosing quality and freshness products, following the rhythm of the seasons and favoring the organic zero kilometer supply chain.

Among the restaurants in Mestre the Lupo Nero is always presented with a renewed wine list that is the result of a constant and rigorous work to guarantee a selection of the best Italian and foreign productions that emerge in terms of wine quality every season.

For lunch, from Monday to Friday, in the restaurant we offer set menus for a quick meal.



Venetian cicchetti

Here you will always find a wide selection of typical Venetian cicchetti to be consumed at the counter or in the cicchetteria area: mozzarella in carrozzo, meat and vegetable tuna meatballs, cod and fried sardines, battered vegetables (all made at the time) cod croutons, anchovies, cuttlefish, scallops, sardines in saor, tripe and nerves, fasioi consi, boiled eggs, sausages and meatballs … and many more.



Fish and earth appetizers, from the freshly prepared Brittany oysters to the mixed dishes of Venetian cicchetti. And again, the pots of mussels in a muffler, the creamed cod and the sardines in saor. For those who do not like fish, selections of cold cuts and Veneto and Friuli PDO and Alpine cheeses produced by local companies.


First courses

Our pastas are home-made: bigoli in anchovy sauce or with seafood, tagliatelle and gnocchi. Never lack pasta e fasioi with Lamon beans and spaghetti with clams.
Every day our chef offers always different first courses using seasonal raw materials.

Second courses

Our second courses of fish are all typical of Venetian cuisine: cuttlefish stewed with soft polenta, baccalà alla vicentina, mixed fried fish from the Adriatic…
Every day our chef offers different seconds with fresh fish that arrives in the morning. For those who prefer meat: Venetian-style liver with polenta, stew of veal cheek bacon, but also Danish beef steak.
Trespassing over the Veneto, chianina batting tartare and sweet curry chicken nuggets with basmati rice. In winter, every Thursday, mixed boiled (beef, head, tongue and snout) with mashed potatoes served with horseradish and green sauce.

Side dishes, vegetables and salad bowls

For vegetarians, possibility of cooked vegetable dishes accompanied by cheeses and imaginative and rich salads (made with goat cheese, with mozzarella di bufala, with pears and nuts…) perfect as a main dish.

Homemade sweets

All our desserts are homemade: Classic tiramisu or with nutella, Fresh apple pie, Creme caramel, Chocolate cake, Amaretto parfait, Panna cotta, Chocolate salami, Almond biscuits with a glass of Moscato Passito.


Venetian aperitifs and wines

Spritz and wine glasses to choose from over 50 Italian and foreign labels accompanied by the typical Venetian cicchetti (mozzarelle in carrozza, various crostini, meatballs, sausages, saor, mezo vovo, and many others…) to taste at the counter or in the cicchetteria area.


Our wines

Our wine list is the result of a constant and rigorous work to guarantee a balanced selection of the best Italian and foreign productions among those that offer greater quality guarantees.
The prices, always contained, are reduced particularly on the finest wines to give the maximum freedom of choice on the whole assortment (over 60 labels) of our cellar.

Opening hours

Open every day: Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 14.30 and from 18.30 to 22.30; Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm and from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm.


Where we are

Osteria del Lupo Nero, Via Giorgio Ferro, 21 – Mestre – Venice

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